Grove Crane Spare Parts

The Grove Manufacturing Company was founded in 1947 and is one of the world’s leading producers of mobile hydraulic telescope cranes. In 2002 Grove was acquired by the Manitowoc Company. Other brands manufactured by Manitowoc include Manitowoc crawler cranes, National cranes (articulating truck-mounted cranes) and Potain tower cranes.

Grove Spare Parts Specialist

We are Grove spare parts specialists. Our Parts Manager was responsible for Grove's European Parts Department. We offer fast quotations for Grove spare parts and ship worldwide for both new Grove cranes and older Grove crane types.

RT650E-b Grove Crane PartsGrove Crane Parts Supply

We are able to supply you with a wide range of parts including alternators and starter motors, axles, bearings, belts, braking parts, chains, clutches, compressors, electrical parts, engines, engine parts, hydraulic pumps, injectors and injection equipment, repair kits, ropes, seals, steering parts, suspension parts, turbochargers and valves for older and modern vehicle types.

Grove Crane Components

We can offer competitive prices for the parts to suit the major components in your equipment, such as Cummins or Perkins engines or Clark transmissions. We also supply spare parts from a number of leading brands such as Atlas Copco, Bendix, Bosch, Delco Remy, Eaton, Holset, Kessler and Wabco.

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We have extensive expertise in supplying parts for the following:

Axles Clark, Eaton, Kessler, Kirkstall, Rockwell, Soma
Bearings FAG, Koyo, NTN, SKF, Timken
Engines Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Deutz, Leyland, MAN, Mercedes, Perkins, Scania, Volvo Penta
Filters Donaldson, Fleetguard
Pumps Commercial, Hamworthy, Parker, Vickers
Transmissions Allison, Clark, Dana, Funk, Twin Disc, ZF

Grove Crane Models
AMZ131XT GMK4085 MZ66DXT RT65S SM3269XT TMS300
AMZ240BXT GMK4090 MZ71CXT RT735 SM3884 TMS300B
AMZ36E GMK4100 MZ72DXT RT735B SM3884XT TMS375
AMZ39NE GMK4115 MZ82C RT740 SM4688 TMS375LP
AMZ40 GMK5090 MZ82CXT RT740B SM4688DF TMS475
AMZ40B GMK5095 MZI45 RT745 SM4688XT TMS522
AMZ40BXT GMK5110 PM31 RT745B T40 TMS527
AMZ46NE GMK5115 PM31DC RT750 T60 TMS528
AMZ50 GMK5120 PM36DC RT755 T66J TMS5288
AMZ51 GMK5120B PM41DC RT75S TD150 TMS528B
AMZ51E GMK5130 RT22 RT760 TD155 TMS540
AMZ51XT GMK5135 RT418 RT760E TD180 TMS540E
AMZ66 GMK5150 RT41AA RT765E TM1075 TMS635E
AMZ66XT GMK5150B RT422 RT770E TM1150 TMS640
AMZ68X GMK5160 RT48 RT850B TM120T TMS700
AMZ68XT GMK5165 RT500D RT855 TM1275 TMS750B
AMZ86XT GMK5170 RT518 RT855B TM1400 TMS760
AP206 GMK5175 RT520 RT860 TM1400E TMS760E
AP308 GMK5210 RT522 RT865 TM150 TMS800E
AP410 GMK5220 RT522B RT865B TM1500 TMS865
AT1400 GMK5225 RT528 RT870 TM155 TMS870
AT1500 GMK5240 RT528B RT875 TM180 TMS870B
AT180 GMK5275 RT528C RT875BXL TM250 TMS875
AT422 GMK6250 RT530E RT875C TM250A TMS875B
AT425 GMK6275 RT535E RT880 TM250EB TMS875C
AT633 GMK6300 RT540E RT890 TM250T TMS9000E
AT635 GMK6350 RT555 RT9100 TM275 TTS870
AT635E GMK6400 RT600E RT9130E TM275 LP TTS870B
AT700B GMK7450 RT57D RT9150E TM300 VM1931E
AT735S GMK7550 RT58 RT980 TM400 VM3248E
AT745 GTK1100 RT58B RT990 TM550 YB4408
AT750 HL150 LT RT58C RTG35 TM600 YB4409
AT750B HL150C RT58D SM2232 TM650 YB4409XL
AT822 HL150T RT58E SM2232E TM750E YB4410
AT880 IND24 RT59S SM2532BE TM800 YB4411
AT9120E IND36 RT60 SM2532E TM8100 YB4415
AT990E IND68 RT600E SM2632 TM875 YB5515
CD3300 LT409 RT60S SM2632E TM890 YB5518
CD5540F MZ116B RT620S SM2633BE TM9100 YB5520
CD5515-2 MZ116D RT62S SM2633E TM9120 YB7720
CD5520 MZ46 RT630 SM2646 TM990E YB7720XL
CD7725 MZ460 RT630B SM2646E TME500E YB7722
CM20 MZ46B RT633G SM2658 TMS1275 YB7725
DTC21 MZ46C RT635 SM3136E TMS180 YB7722XL
DTC35 MZ46CXT RT635C SM3146 TMS185 3330F
GMK2035 MZ48B RT63S SM3146E TMS200A 3330FL
GMK3050 MZ66 RT640C SM3160 TMS250 3339
GMK3055 MZ66B RT640E SM3160E TMS250A 3340B
GMK3060 MZ66BXT RT650E SM3184XT TMS250C 5560B
GMK4080 MZ66D RT655 SM3248E TMS250E 7755

Grove Crane Part Types
Air 4-way, transmission air cylinder Carrier, jib Hoist selector valve Orbit motor Swing box, mechanical
Actuating cam Charging pumps Hoist speed selector Outer mid telescope cylinder Swing brake
Air compressor Collector ring Hook block Outrigger Swing pinion
Air dryer, service brake Column, steering Hook pintle Outrigger extension cylinder Swing solenoid
Air line shuttle valve Control - fly telescope Hydraulic air actuator Outrigger floats Swing warning
Air lines and fittings Control - lift Hydraulic manifold Outrigger floats Telescope cylinder holding valve
Air reservoir Control handle lockout Hydraulic pump Outrigger jack cylinder Telescope cylinder support
Air Tank Control valve bank Hydraulic reservoir Outrigger selector solenoid Throttle control
Air tank lines Control valve bank valve Hydraulic schematic Parking brake Torque converter
Anti two-block Counterbalance valve Hydraulic swivel PAT system Transmission
Anti two-block reel Counterweight Inner mid telescope Positive swing lock Turntable bearing
Axle locking override Cylinder Jack cylinder check valve Push-pull brake Tyre inflation
Axle lockout Decals Jib Range shift Valve
Axle oscillation lockout Differential Jib carrier Rearview cab mirror Wear pads, boom
Base section Drive line Kruger system Relief control valve Wear, boom
Boom Engine belts Lift cylinder Roller Wear, outrigger
Boom angle, pendulum Engine mount Lift cylinder holding valve Rooster sheave head Wheel brake
Boom extension Extension carrier Light & buzzer, anti two-block Sight level bubble Wheel hub
Boom nose Fifth wheel cradle Limit, anti two-block Slip ring Wheels
Boom pivot Floodlight Load moment indicator Starter motor Winch, hoist
Boom retraction Flow divider Lockout oscillation axle Steer cylinder Wire rope
Boom telescope cylinder Fly section Lockout valve Steer pump coupling Wiring diagram
Boom telescope holding valve Guard Master cylinder Strainer
Brake Hoist Motor Swing bearing
Brake lines Hoist rotation Muffler Swing box
Brake master Hoist selector Muffler guard Swing box, hydraulic